2018 VBA End-of-the-Season Breakfast

On Saturday, November 3rd, the 2018 Volunteer Beach Ambassador Team celebrated the end of season at our traditional Breakfast Meeting at Bud & Alley’s Restaurant and sponsored by owner and community supporter, Dave Rauschkolb.


Here is what we accomplished this year:

224 Volunteer Beach Ambassadors
18 Trained Junior VBAs
52 Junior VBAs with Parent Sponsor
5301.5 Volunteer Hours Total!!!

In addition to walking the beaches, cleaning up, and interacting with visitors, our VBA team participated in these activities:

International Coastal Clean Up
Vineyard Vines Sponsored Educational Event
4 Oceans Beach Cleanup
TDC Public Relations Training: Amaze Every Customer-Every Time
We Share the Beaches Educational Series:
– South Walton State Parks by Jeff Talbert
– Micro Plastics by Laura Tiu
– Bears in Our Backyard by Jordan Green
– Walton County Waterways and Beach Activities Ordinance by Brian Kellenberger

During our breakfast celebration, all the accomplishments were recognized and honored:

We had our very first Jr. VBA become a VBA. Congratulations to Reese who logged 33 hours this season.


Team Members who logged 50-100 hours…
Leigh P 51.25
Lisa B 60
Sonja A 62.25
Diana C 65
Karen L 69.5
Donna B 93.5
Terry B 79.75
Tom H 87.75
Donna D 90
Desiree D 95.75

Team Members who logged 100+ hours…
Christ H 131.75
Butch D 150
Marilyn L 163.5
Ed 184.5

The Shovel Award went to an amazing duo in Miramar Beach who were extraordinary in their efforts as Team Miramar.
Di I 264.75
Susie F 280.5


And, for our first time ever, we honored the first VBA of the Year…Michele P with 1137.5 hours. Way to go Michele and thank you for taking on this volunteer job like full time employment. You are amazing beyond measure!


Thanks again to a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers – making a difference for sea turtles and Walton County beaches!

** And a special thanks goes out to our generous supporters and sponsors who made this event, and the 2018 season, so special:

– Dave Rauschkolb and Bud & Alley’s Restaurant
– Allison Benton and Costa Sunglasses
– Jay Tusa and Visit South Walton
– Dave White and Theo the Turtle
– Jan Maes and UBIX