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Every Little Bit Counts…

Your donations enable us to continue our volunteers’  efforts to distribute educational materials to local businesses, visitors and schools. They also support our efforts to maintain awareness campaigns and host events designed to educate the public about the plight of sea turtles and the unique issues that impact them here in South Walton and the Florida Panhandle.

You can financially support our sea turtle conservation efforts in three ways: General Donations, Event Sponsorships and Turtle Adoptions.

Adopt-A-Turtle: Make a Donation Today!

Every dollar raised will go towards our mission of increasing sea turtle conservation through awareness and education.

$5 Turtle Egg Buddy: Adopting a turtle at this level may seem small, but every little bit counts – just like every egg in the nest!

$50 for Turtle Friend: Adopting a turtle at this level earns you special recognition on our website for one year in a list of Turtle Friends!

$100 for Turtle Family: Adopting the whole turtle family for a year will be recognized in our quarterly newsletter!

$250 for Turtle Patron: This adoption level brings you all of the above plus listing on website and one ticket to a premier event

$500 for Green Turtle Sponsor: All of the above plus two tickets to a premier event and listing on event program

$1000+ for Loggerhead Turtle Sponsor: All of the above plus four tickets to a premier event.

Any of the above Sea Turtle Adoption levels can be selected as a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation.