Friends Are Heroes Too

In just a few days, the Walton County Coastal Branch Library starts their annual summer reading program for children.  The theme this year is “Every Hero has a Story.” 

We know this because we, the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles, are taking part and we will be there on #TurtleTuesday, June 16th from 10am until 11am.  

Why are we taking part?

Because friends are heroes too.  

HUH? No, we’re not masked avengers. We don’t wear capes (turtles have shells, silly) and we aren’t the subject of cool summer blockbuster movies.

We do, however, have a very cool superpower.  WE CARE!

Friends care about you, help you when you are in need, try to help keep you safe and get others to do the same.

This is what we do.

Officially, we “promote sea turtle conservation through awareness and education.”  In other words, we help sea turtles by caring about them, learning about them, and helping others learn and care about them too.

There aren’t a lot of sea turtles left in the world so they need all the help they can get from their friends, their heroes.  

Think about it.

Someone makes the beaches safer and easier for you to build a nest and lay eggs in it? Hero.

Someone helps keep things off the beach and out of the ocean that can harm you if you eat or get tangled in them? Hero.

Someone teaches children about sea turtles so they begin to care about and protect them, grow up caring and pass that love on to the next generation?  Hero.

So, who wants to be the coolest hero of them all, a friend?  

Sign up for our newsletter to the right side of this post or get more involved as a volunteer here. If you have a child bring them to the library on June 16th at 10 am so they can learn how to be a friend to sea turtles too!

We promise there will be story time, music, sea turtles games, craft and activities.  Oh, and lots of fun.  

Don’t have children?  Consider being a hero and volunteering on the 16th.  We would love to have a few more volunteers to help run the sea turtle activities at the library that day.


-By Faith W.