Turtle Talk: Heeeeeeeere’s Shelly!

where is shellyWho is Shelly, you ask? If you follow us on Instagram @30Aseaturtles, then you already know who Shelly is.

However, if you haven’t checked out our Instagram or Twitter or Facebook feed in the last few weeks then you are missing out.

We, the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles, have started something fun to help us further our mission of education and raising awareness on the things people can do not only to help keep our beaches safe for sea turtles but also to help protect sea turtles and other sea life here in the Florida Panhandle.  What better way to do that than with a cute and cuddly creature?  Right?

So, we have an ambassador and her name is Shelly. 

Shelly is a stuffed sea turtle.  Isn’t she cute? As an ambassador she “travels” up and down the emerald coast looking for her sea turtle friends.  We share her #emeraldcoasting adventures on Instagram each Wednesday for #WhereisShellyWednesday.  The fun part is everyone gets to try and guess where she is and later in the week we post the answer so you can see if your guess was correct.

While Shelly focusses on the beaches in Walton County, she has been known to wander inland to see her other friends who help sea turtles and to neighboring Okaloosa and Bay Counties because, after all, there are sea turtles that nest there too.

If you happen to see Shelly out and about feel free to take a #selfie with her or as she likes to call it a #shellfie.

You will for sure see Shelly at the Earth Day celebration on April 11th at the E. O. Wilson Biophilia Center in Freeport.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @30Aseaturtles so you can follow Shelly on her #emeraldcoasting adventures and to follow us on Facebook to learn more about how you too can be a sea turtle friend.


By Faith W.