We Celebrate Earth Day

We, the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles, celebrate Earth Day!

Some holidays are celebrated by all. Some are even recognized as official government holidays. Some holidays are more of a movement or way to inspire others to acknowledge and do something. That brings us to Earth Day in April. April, a time each year when many creatures are being born and new buds and blossoms are springing up on plants. It’s a time of hope and renewed energy. Depending on whom your source is you’ll hear that Earth day sprang from the 60s as folks connected to the importance of the Earth. Others will tell you it was inspired by Rachel Carson’s book, The Silent Spring. Others might tell you it was a national teach in inspired to respond to a large oil spill. Regardless of what actually started the Earth Day movement and celebrations, we are glad and hope future generations will continue the tradition for many years to come.

Is it really important to celebrate the Earth in 2015? In this day when we are all so “plugged” in and reliant on man-made conveniences to get us through the day, it seems like an odd juxtaposition to want or need to not only rely on the Earth but to celebrate it. BUT yes, it is important to celebrate the very planet we walk around on every day. Yes, it is important to celebrate all living creatures and plants that live on this planet right alongside us. Yes, it is important to learn how we have symbiotic relationships with each other and how we can impact others with the decisions we make. Yes, it is important to encourage everyone to be better residents and caretakers of this planet. Yes, it is important to speak for those do not have a voice. Yes, let’s celebrate Earth Day.

How could we celebrate it? While it could be something big it doesn’t have to be. You can easily walk outside more or ride your bike instead of driving the car. Go to the beach and while enjoying the waves pick up the not so lovely trash that others have left. Plant a tree. Connect with one another and the planet. Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Do something that will help the planet Earth, anything.

Yes, do something.

We, the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles, spend our time raising awareness about sea turtles and sea life and ways people can protect them right here on our very own stretch of the Florida coastline. However, we know that there are many others out there doing their part as well to help protect Earth and all the creatures and plants living on it. This is why we are taking part in the Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 11th from 10am – 3pm. To connect, celebrate and inspire!

You will find us and many other organizations interested in celebrating the Earth at the E.O.Wilson Biophilia Center right here in Walton County. We hope you’ll come be a part of all the fun that day and stop by our booth. If you are unable to join us on the 11th, we hope you’ll still find a way to celebrate and connect with the Earth.

By Faith W.